TIPPS - Secret Box Riddle

Étape 1 Step 1
Examine the box from all sides. Look! There is a combination lock on it. To open it, you need to guess a three-digit code.
Étape 2 Step 2
Pay attention! There are three parameters: symbol, color, and direction which correspond to each digit. Identify them and match them on the key card (Card Nr 4) to find each of the digits
Étape 3 Step 3
Pull out the first card, turn it over, and put it back in. Look, three symbols are now visible in the slots instead of question marks. Each of them corresponds to its digit. But if you look at the key card knowing only the symbols, you will see that there are three digits that correspond to each symbol.
Étape 4 Step 4
Pull out the second card, turn it over, and put it back in. Now you see three colors in the slots. Look at the key card: the symbols from the first card intersect with the colors from the second card and cut off one of the wrong digits. Conclusion: 2 digits correspond to each character and color.
Étape 5 Step 5
Pull out the third card, turn it over, and put it back in. Find those colors that were on the second card in the slots. Next to each of them, there is a direction indicated by letters: right, left, go up or down. Return to the key card. As you already know, you have 2 adjacent digits and you need to determine which one is correct. If it is written “Right” on the third card, then the correct digit is the one to the right. If it is written “Down”, then the correct digit is the one below, etc.
Étape 6 Step 6
Match the symbol, color, and direction for each digit on the key card. See? You found three code digits!
Étape 7 Step 7
Code input order: pay attention to the dotted line that goes through all the faces. On the first face, it goes through the characters in a certain order. It is in the same order that the numbers must be entered into the lock.